Stent in Both Kidneys - Not Too Bad At All

by Frank
(Mechanicsville, VA)

Long story short, I was diagnosed last September 1st with stage 4 esophageal cancer which had spread into my liver. I was 57 years old and placed on an aggressive chemo regimen.

Seven (7) months later my doctors were thrilled at my response to treatment, as my cancer has diminished significantly. However, I mysteriously developed kidney issues as something is pressing on my ureters - (thank God they can see it's not cancer). First, my left kidney which required placement of a 1 year stent, then right kidney (emergency placement of a 3 month stent due to creatinine level rapidly climbing up over 7.1). Thankfully my creatinine levels are much improved now but until we find what's pressing on my ureters I'll need both stents.

Having read many horror stories here on this site, I can thankfully share a better experience.

The first several days of my first stent were not fun, but they weren't miserable by far. After the sensitivity died down in about 5 or 6 days (and they give meds that help a lot with this) I pretty much got used to it with no big deal. Yes, there will be some weird sensations and there is some minor discomfort from time to time - especially with increased physical activity...but it's really only a slight inconvenience.

Like I said, I now have a stent in both kidneys, it's been about 3 weeks and I can safely say it's not that bad. I have some uncomfortable sensations at times, but again - it's not that big of a deal and certainly nothing that prevents me from living an active and full life.

Sorry for the long story, I just wanted to share that getting a stent, or stents, is not necessarily the nightmare some here have shared, in fact - at least in my case - far from it. So relax if you are getting this done, it's going to be ok!

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