Stent pain and bleeding

by Michele
(New Salem, pa)

I have had my stent in for over a week and want to scream, as the pain and bleeding is getting on my last nerve. In two (2) days time I will go for a lithotripsy and I feel like I am not going to make it.

I had horrible pain when this ordeal started and went to the ER. They found four (4) kidney stones. One is a 7 mm stone, which the doctor said will not pass on its own. It's in the curved tube coming from the kidney.

I wonder how long this stent will have to stay in after the lithotripsy. Is this pain and bleeding normal?

I called the doctor's office and they said to lay around and drink water. Like how? And my anxiety is on overdrive. I then get a letter that my insurance company won’t pay for my ER visit and stent placement as they say it wasn’t medically necessary, like what? I am living a nightmare.

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