Stent Through Y Junction Ureter

by Jane Edwards
(Hattiesburg, MS)

Y Junction

Y Junction

I have a Y junction ureter. I had a stone blasted with ESWL and a stent was placed through the Y junction to aid in passing the stone fragments.

The stent has been in place since the 19th Oct 2017.

The junction is very narrow and there is the possibility of the stone fragments becoming clogged on the coiled end of the stent that is still in the kidney. The stent has started causing pain and discomfort the last few days.

Removal of the stent is scheduled for this Tuesday (28 November 2017). There is also the chance that the Y junction will go back to the stricture that was present before the uteroscopy surgery where my urologist was unable to pass the scope through this stricture.

This is an ongoing situation and I will try and keep you updated if possible. Photos from urteroscopy to follow.

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