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Stents Are More Than A Pain-In-The-Butt

I was lucky enough to go to the hospital with diverticulitis. After an x-ray, they found the kidney stones. I was unaware of the stones at this point, having no symptoms yet.

Well, the urologist talked me into having the stent put in. From what have learned after, that was a huge mistake.

Pain and very frequent peeing. The pain started for the first few days within the kidney. Having to pee every 20 to 30 minutes there was a lot of pain in the kidney every time but that finally wore off.

The frequency of peeing cut down somewhat to about once or twice an hour. The stones did pass while the stent was in, even though the doctor said they wouldn't.

Now I have a post-stent procedure, to help with the swelling. It's more of a pain than the first one. Peeing hurts like hell and doing anything but sitting down makes it feel like I need to pee.

So if at all possible my advice is to not get a stent.

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Mar 05, 2018
Best doctor there is
by: Erine

I was diagnosed to have kidney stones both my left and right kidneys last December 2017. On my right side I have several but the biggest is 4cm and on my left it's 2.2cm and several more which makes it impossible to have the ESWL procedure. Anyway, prior to that I have a recurrent case of UTI but only the third doctor did informed me of what's going on and advice me to go to a Urologist which I did.The first, Urologist whom I did consulted told me that he was the traditional doctor and he would like for me to see one of the best doctors who can do this operation without the hassle of the big cut which will make my recovery easier so I took his advise and decided to see the Urologist. After several visits and test to the second doctor, he assured me that this is the best procedure for me to have he explained that after my operation I will recover faster, heal faster and return to work earlier. I had my operation last February 9, 2018. I had a bilateral staghorn calculi surgery (meaning both kidneys have several stones on it).I was amazed that my doctor really took care of me, he was able to finished my operation for less that 3 hours this is on both sides thinking that on either side it takes 2 or more hours to finish. I have a catheter for the first 2 days but then removed afterwards. My only discomfort is the stent that the doctor have to insert on both my kidneys but he told me that I just to increase my water intake and in the next couple of days it will get better and one thing I like with my doctor is that whenever I have something to ask or concern in regard to my condition he is very patient in explaining to me all that I needed to know, which makes it reassuring on my part. I am trying to have my stent remove by next week hopefully. (by the way my doctor is based in the Philippines but one of the best doctors there is).:)

Dec 12, 2017
My stent is not causing any pain
by: Anonymous

I went to the hospital two weeks ago with a 6mm kidney stone. The urologist inserted a stent while I was awake. It was uncomfortable but not painful and did not take long to insert along with a catheter. I had some other unrelated problems at the time that needed treatment first.
The catheter was uncomfortable but was removed after two days. I have had an occasional drop of two of blood in my urine since then but no pain at all from the stent so it is possible to have a stent without any pain.

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