I was told I was type 2 diabetic. It affects several organs so I went to a Urologist to check my kidneys and bladder.

I felt fine but the Urologist wanted to check my Bladder by running a Camera up my penis. Upon pulling out he struck a nerve are something. I peed blood at first and afterwards it stung a little while.

About 3 weeks later it really started getting bad. It felt like my nuts where in a vice grip and around my belly it felt as if someone had cut it and pour salt on it. I was bed ridden for months. I went to my primary doctors but they did little.

About 3 weeks ago the pain became so bad I went to the E.R. and was admitted for seven (7) days. I saw multiple doctors and the Urologist there informed me that I had 3 large Kidney Stone and with one in my left Kidney. Being diabetic has not helped. They wanted to look at my Bladder again and put 2 Stents in.

I have an infected Bladder as well as an infected hormone gland. Before I was using the bathroom every night 6-9 times a night. I could control that and it was not painful. Since the Stents are in I am peeing every 10-15 mins and can't control it. It is also painful. Feels like burning peeing.

On the 28th March they will be removing the 4 Stones. I am also having these Stents removed as well. Why they put them in is beyond me.

When you have diabetes and your sugar is high. It makes your Kidneys work over time. Since I started this note I have had to pee 4 times. It is not fun folks. Take care

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