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The Need to Pee.

by Ike Osprey
(Ardmore, Oklahoma.)

I'm a relatively healthy 18 year old boy who has suffered from a 4mm kidney stone. The pain I endured was horrible.

For two weeks I could hardly sleep and the most comfort I found was in a hot bath. Over the course of two weeks I have taken a seven day course of Ciproflaxin, and Naproxen.

The Naproxen didn't help very much just barely enough to knock the edge.

Recently I had cracked and couldn't wait the extra three days to see my primary care physician, so I went to the E.R. I had been there once before quite recently when this ordeal had started. Luckily it was very easy and quickly to get into a room.

I had already had a cat scan but I was well on my way back for more. That's where we discovered the 4mm kidney stone blocking my ureter on my right side. From there I was quickly admitted to a room where I had awaited utereroscopy with the possibility of stent placement.

In short terms the doctor had placed a Stent in my ureter after crushing the stone so that the urine would drain from my kidney.

It has been about three days so far and I've traded one hell for another. I don't hurt and I hardly notice the stent inside me but it's the constant need to urinate that's driving me insane.

Just last night I lived in the bathroom for three hours because it was so bad. Today has been a little bit easier but the need to urinate is still there.

While a Stent is very beneficial in aiding your urinary system it also have those drawbacks... It's just been an awful ordeal all around. I hope those of you who are about to receive a Ureteric Stent get well very soon.

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