The Worst 6 Months of My Life (With Stent)

by Stew
(Hampshire uk)

I was diagnosed with a 12mm stone and was rushed to the hospital, as I couldn't expel fluids and my kidney was very enlarged.

To my horror, they inserted a stent. In addition to that, they realized that I had sleep apnoea. I was made to wait six (6) months to sort that out.

During that time I felt such pain as I have never felt before, which has disrupted my life and still is. I awake every forty (40) minutes to go to the bathroom all night. My feet have gone numb and my prostate is being aggravated by the stent.

I can't leave the house as I leak urine and I'm constipated from the slow release morphine (100 mg 2 a day), which places pressure on my stent and prostate.

This experience has been a very bad one for me. I'd take a bag any day!

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