Unbearable Kidney Stent

After suffering a year with chronic pain, the right doctor diagnosed a 12 mm stone stuck and slowly on the move in my urethra.

A last urgent rush to A&E as stone changed position, it turned out my kidney was blocked and urethra extremely swollen.

A stent was put in place to allow kidney to drain and rest the inflamed tubes etc. before they could go in and remove stone... Damn that stent had to be the most painful thing I've ever had!

I couldn't walk properly, the urgent need to pee all the time left me feeling awful and desperate, I feel I needed gas and air, the groin pain was unbearable and I felt like my insides where falling out! I had to double up on movicole as emptying the bowel's caused more problems.

The constant pain in everything I did caused utter tiredness and I really couldn't do much without needing to lay down and sleep again!

Five (5) weeks later I had stone removed and kidneys hovered out! Yet another stent was put into place! Another 4 weeks later I'm waiting to have this stent out as the unbearable pain and uncomfortable part of it is exactly the same as before I had stone removed!

I'm counting down the days now for its removal! How some people can get on with everyday life is beyond me. I haven't been able to tolerate this thing very well at all.

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