Urine Infection From Operation

by Ed

I had a blockage removed from the exit area of my right kidney, which caused me pain every time I drank large volumes of fluids (mainly beer). I also had a stent inserted to maintain urine flow. The operation went to plan with (seemingly) no problems.

After a few days of recovery I went to the toilet at home and, apparently, some of my urine backed up and leaked out of the open wounds in my kidney and into my stomach. This caused severe agony so I went straight back to hospital.

I was admitted for a further 9 days and had a drain inserted to get rid of the excess fluid. I also had a catheter inserted to further help my urine flow, until the infection was bought under control.

During my second recovery the symptoms I have experienced are constant flushing of urine, which causes stinging on the end of the penis and pain in the kidney region. This is expected from a keyhole surgery, obviously, during the healing process.

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