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Walking with a Ureteric Stent

by Bill
(Tabernacle, NJ)

Due to an enlarged and cancerous prostate I had to have it surgically removed. As a consequence of this, I had difficulty urinating, which caused my bladder to develop a diverticulum.

Bladder diverticulum is an extra pouch in the bladder that holds extra urine. This needed to be removed, surgically, as well.

During surgery, a stent was placed between my kidney and bladder. Since then, every time I went for a 30 minute walk, I would pass blood in my urine. After that first urination, the urine would be clear for the rest of the day.

I called my doctor to find out why and he said it was because of the stent. For the three weeks the stent was in place, I was undecided whether to walk or not (due to the discomfort and blood in the urine).

It makes me now wonder whether I should have just sat around for the three weeks that the stent was in there, and started my walking program afterwards.

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