What Went Wrong (Kidney Stone & Stent)/ Don't Let This Happen To You!

by Get the facts

I have a relative who was told to remove their own stent a few days after a 1.5 cm kidney stone was lasered/blasted into pieces. Those pieces didn't break up into small enough pieces to pass through the ureter. Hence the reason the stent was put into the ureter.

He was sent home after the procedure and told to remove his own stent.

He was in a lot of pain and nauseated for several days. He also experienced a substantial amount of blood in his urine.

I'm not happy about any of the events that took place. The physician's office gave my relative the wrong information about the size of the stone. They told him it was 5mm. As he suffered for weeks in pain and exhaustion we all assumed the 5mm stone would pass.

He returned to the physician's office and at that time they realized someone made a mistake and misinformed him (my relative). His stone was 1.5 cm! Big difference!

Then the poor fella (my relative) was told to remove his own stent. The physician didn't check to see if the problem was resolved before the stent was removed. Low and behold, it wasn't after he (my relative) made several returns to the physician's office.

During all of his (my relative) suffering I wanted to be there with him to make sure things were in order and determine who could be held accountable for such sloppy medical quackery. (We are several states apart.)

So, if you are reading this post please do 4 important things so this never happens to you:

1.Confirm more than 2 x's that the size of your stone is what they say it is.

2.Make sure you get it in writing, ask for a copy if your records before you leave the doctor's office.

3.Drink tons of water.

4.Please don't remove your own stent. You can damage and create scar tissue in the ureter. Make the doctor do it. That's what you are paying for.

Best of luck if you've found your way to this website and post.

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