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Kidney - Here Is Why It Is So Important

The kidney is the main organ of the urinary system.  Its primary function is to remove harmful toxins from the blood and expel them from the body, via the urine.  This, however, is not its only function.  In addition to filtering the blood, it is also responsible for performing some other important functions such as regulating blood pressure, producing some vital hormones and regulating certain other biological functions.


This bean-shaped organ is multi-functional and versatile. It plays a major role in achieving and maintaining optimized health, and plays a crucial role in maintaining homeostasis.

Most people are born with two, but it is entirely possible to survive, without any major health problems, with a single healthy kidney. It is important, however, not to do anything to damage this vital organ.

Very often, chronic renal problems are caused by poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Many renal problems can be prevented by making simple changes to diet and avoiding certain harmful lifestyle practices.

Kidney is the World's Most Transplanted Organ

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), just over 100,000 solid organ transplants are performed every year, worldwide.  Of this figure, approximately 69,400 are renal transplants; 20,200 are liver transplants; 5,400 are heart transplants; 3,400 are lung transplants and 2,400 are pancreas transplants.

Globally, renal transplants account for almost 69% of all solid organ transplants. This makes the kidney the most sought after organ in the entire world.  These statistics are quite alarming!

But even more alarming is the fact that the approximately 69,400 annual renal transplants only represent a mere 10% of the estimated need. In other words, the estimated annual global need for renal transplants is in the vicinity of 700,000 or more! This figure only refers to the most severe cases of renal failure that can only be effectively treated by having a transplant.

There simply aren't enough available kidneys to effectively treat with the problem of renal failure. Hence the reason it is so important to take measures to preserve or improve kidney health.

There are simple yet effective steps we can all take to minimize the risk of kidney failure. Understanding this vital organ; how it works; its functions and the importance of keeping it healthy are all essential requirements for optimum health. If you are ever affected by renal diseases, the quality of your life will be significantly impacted.

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