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Kidney Awareness

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Take Care of Your Kidneys

The kidney is an extraordinary organ.  Among its many functions, it detoxifies the blood, regulates blood pressure and helps to maintain the body's pH balance.  


Maintaining healthy kidneys is a critical component of optimum health.  If kidney function declines significantly, the consequences can be... well, not good.  It can rob you of your health, happiness, well-being and life.


So how can you protect and improve the health of this vital organ?

Start with the basics...


  • Prevent chronic kidney disease with healthy diet and lifestyle choices

  • Detoxify your kidneys and stay hydrated by drinking enough water


  • Boosts kidney function with nutritional natural products and supplement.

Maintaining Healthy Kidneys

Kidney Disease on the Rise...

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 Kidney Facts

According to WHO's Global Burden of Disease Study

Annually, an estimated 5 to 10 million people die from kidney disease.

From 2005 to 2015, global deaths from kidney failure increased by 32%

Many deaths occur, primarily, due to lack of awareness and limited access to proper medical care.

With greater awareness, early detection of risk factors and life-style changes, CKD can be prevented.

Don't Be a Kidney Statistic

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Know the Signs

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects a significant portion of the adult population.   It is important to know the common signs and symptoms of  kidney disease, and take appropriate, prompt action.  Diabetes, high blood pressure and lower back pain are common signs of kidney problems.

Herbal Medicine

Take Early Action

Kidney disease treatment is much more effective when administered at the early stages of CKD.  There are conventional treatments, but there are also very effective alternative treatment options.  Treatment is largely dependent on the severity and type of kidney problem.

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Back Pain Should Not Be Ignored

Back pain affects a large proportion of the adult population, over the age of 40.  Kidney disease is among the leading causes of chronic back pain.

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Superfoods... Champions Against Kidney Disease!

Superfoods are nutrient-packed foods that can help to fight kidney disease and improve kidney function.

Water is essential for maintaining kidney function.

The Power of Water!

Water is a key component of maintaining healthy kidney function.  Among the many benefits of water are its ability to help detoxify the kidneys and prevents dehydration.

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