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Brief History

This website was created in 2006 and formerly called Comprehensive-kidney-facts.com.  In an effort to better align the website's name (URL) with its primary objective, it was rebranded on 12 July 2014.  This new URL (KidneyChat.com) better represents the main focus and purpose of the site, which is to talk about the kidneys.

KidneyChat.com is also a simpler name and much easier to remember.  Additionally, the site now has a cleaner, sharper new look, with easier navigation.


With the increasing incidence of renal (kidney) failure, there is need for greater awareness of, and discussions about kidney health.  In keeping with this focus, the primary objectives of KidneyChat.com are as follows:

  • To provide informative content about the human kidneys and to disseminate this information globally.

  • To increase awareness of the pandemic of kidney disorders and empower visitors with information, to take appropriate preventative and/ or corrective measures.

  • To provide a public platform for dialog, interaction and learning about relevant kidney topics.

Content Focus

While content is primarily focused on kidney health, other relevant health-related topics are covered.  The content is written in easy-to-understand language.  Unnecessary medical terminologies are kept to a minimum, to make the information understandable to all visitors.  Where appropriate, graphics and diagrams have been added, for emphasis and clarity.

We thank all visitors for stopping by and we hope that the contents of this website provide real, life-changing value.  We are constantly working hard to create greater value and improved visitors' experience.  Should you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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