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Kidney Facts and Information

How do the kidneys work?  Where are they located?  What do they do?

These are important questions... and the answers can provide key insights into the crucial role of the kidneys.  Familiarize yourself with these and other relevant kidney facts, so that you'll be better equipped to manage the health of your kidneys.


Kidneys Overview

10 quick kidney facts

Kidneys do a lot... perhaps much more than most people realize. They are responsible for keeping the blood clean... but that's just the beginning.

They do a lot more...

Kidney Anatomy 

Looking Inside and Out...

External and Internal Kidney Anatomy

Kidneys have a very distinct shape and color. They are bean-shaped and dark-red in color. In fact, they look very similar to red kidney beans.

Some internal components can be seen with the naked eye but others are very tiny and can only be observed with a microscope. 

Cleaning the blood

Kidney Function

Kidneys are multi-functional organs

The primary function of the kidney is to continuously remove nitrogenous wastes (mainly urea) from the body.  

Every day, the kidneys process about 200 quarts (190 liters) of blood and filters out waste products.

But this is not the only kidney function.  It is responsible for a number of other important biological functions.

Kidney Function

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